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11 Fun Facts About Elderberries

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Posted on May 16 2020

11 Fun Facts About Elderberries

We talk a lot about the benefits of elderberries and different ways to use elderberry syrup, but today we wanted to share some little known facts about this little berry that's so beneficial for our immune support.

Here are 11 fun facts about elderberries:

1- An elderberry tree can produce 12-15 pounds of berries in a year.

2- An elderberry plant can survive for 80-100 years in the wild.

3- Researchers have evidence that the black elderberry was cultivated by prehistoric man. There are recipes for elderberry that date back to Ancient Egypt.

4- The Romans created a hair dye made from the dark juice of the berries.

5- Migrating band-tailed pigeons love elderberries and can strip an entire bush in less than an hour.

6- Elderberry blooms during the spring and summer and the flowers are very fragrant.

7- Crushed elderberry leaves release an unpleasant smell. Historically, people used these leaves by attaching it to a horse's mane to repel flies during the ride.

8- Flies are primarily responsible for the pollination of elderberries.

9-  All parts of the plant (except the flowers and fruit) contain a toxic chemical called sambunigrin.

10- Elder flowers can be made into a sparkling wine or tea. The berries can be harvested and made into juice. The juice that results can be made into syrup!

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11- The Elder Wand - made from the branch of an elderberry tree - plays a pivotol role in the final book of Harry Potter. The book was almost named Harry Potter and The Elder Wand before being named Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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