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Blueberry Bonanza Time!

Lluvia Peveto

Posted on June 18 2018

Blueberry Bonanza Time!

When the kids are driving you crazy and the beach is too far away, it’s time to break out some picking buckets and visit the local blueberry farms.

Pros: you’ll benefit from tired-out kids, delicious blueberries, a great (farmer’s) tan, and tons of delicious blueberries!

Photo Credit: Ridemore Blueberry Farms

Local blueberry prices generally vary anywhere from $2 to $3.50 per pound. According to staff at one of our favorite places, the Ridemore Blueberry Farm, the blueberry crop is still plentiful, so be sure to take advantage of a family trip to the farms!

Here’s some general rules of thumb for blueberry picking:

Be sure to call the locations before heading over. Most farms start operations fairly early, but they have select times for self-picking opportunities. We’ve included hours and contact information for Berry Sweet Orchards and Ridemore Blueberry Farm below, so be sure to check those out!

How to Dress

You’ll want to wear blue jeans or full-length pants along with closed toe shoes in order to avoid any bug-or other pest related perils. , in orde

What to Bring

Always be sure to pack sunscreen, bug spray, and plenty of bottled water and electrolyte-packed drinks.

What to Pick
Make sure to pick berries when they are dry, so they have less of a chance of spoiling quickly. The perfect berries will be dark and dusty in appearance, and will have tight- looking skin (from all the delicious juice). Avoid green or red colored berries, as they are bitter and not ready to be eaten.

Photo Credit: Ridemore Blueberry Farms

When picking them, make sure to drop them into your bucket or bag carefully; they can bruise or get crushed  easily. Make sure you don’t fill your containers all the way, because the combined weight of the berries can crush the ones at the very bottom.

Once You’re Home

Keep the berries cool and out of the sun until you’re back home. Place newspaper on your dining room table, and pour the berries on it with enough space to sort through them. Sor out all the inedible parts such as twigs, leaves, and such. If you wash the berries, make sure they have enough time to dry or pat them dry with paper towels.

You can either store your blue bounty in the refrigerator in a short container (to keep them from being crushed) or you can freeze them in gallon freezer bags. If freezing them, be sure to dry them and not over pack the bag; pack them to where the bag is full but lies fairly flat on its side. Now just slide into a freezer shelf laying flat  to the berries freeze easily and retain their shape - and now you’ll be able to enjoy them for 10 months to a full year! Refrigerated berries last about two weeks.

Our Favorite Blueberry Locations:



Berry Sweet Orchards (Certified Organic)
5110 Brown Road, Ethel, LA
(225) 683-1001

Weekly hours are scheduled and posted via the organizations Facebook page. So be sure to check this first!

Ridemore Blueberry Farm
22154 John T Prats Rd, Covington, Louisiana 70435
(985) 875-1965

Weekly hours are Saturday/Tuesday,  8 a.m. - 2 p.m.



*Photo credits (in order of viewing): 

  1. Ridemore Blueberry Farm
  2. Ridemore Blueberry Farm
  3. Berry Sweet Orchards
  4. Featured (cover) image: Ridemore Blueberry Farm

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