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Fall Elderberry Syrup Helps You Embrace the Changing Seasons

Andrea Leyerle

Posted on September 11 2018

Fall Elderberry Syrup Helps You Embrace the Changing Seasons

Both Pure and Fall Elderberry Syrup Support You but Fall Elderberry Syrup Provides an Extra Boost


As fall begins to descend, we experience many fluctuations in weather and energy. This gradual shift of seasons invites us to slow down and can sometimes cause our bodies to react in unforeseen ways. For the herbalist, this is a time of abundance as supportive herbs are ready for harvesting. At Andi Lynn’s, we share these supportive herbs to help you strengthen your immune system for the coming changes in syrups designed specifically for the changes fall brings.


As now is the time to take your immune-boosting tonics and syrups, we unpack the herb-infused fall syrup and compare it to our regular syrup so you can understand the properties of both.


Pure Elderberry SyrupFall leaves, which signal when to switch from pure to fall elderberry syrup

Elderberries, or Sambucus nigra canadensis, hold special properties themselves and provide many benefits alone. One of the main benefits of elderberries is that they are rich in anthocyanins, which aside from giving the berries their beautiful dark color, are wonderfully robust in antioxidants. Along with the antioxidants, elderberries contain other immune-boosting vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, fiber, and phenolic acids.


With so many health benefits, elderberries have been used in a variety of ways in the past to relieve symptoms of many illnesses. Some of the illnesses that elderberries have been used in the past to treat include influenza, infections, headaches, and seasonal colds. They were also known to support heart, digestive, and immune health.


At Andi Lynn’s, our Pure Elderberry Syrup contains only elderberries, filtered water, and local honey.

With pureness in mind and all the benefits of the humble elderberry itself, our Pure Elderberry Syrup can be used in your daily life as a supplement to your digestive and heart health or in times of specific need.


Fall Elderberry SyrupElderberries that are used in elderberry syrup

As fall brings many changes to everything around us, sometimes our bodies need extra fortification. Our Fall Elderberry Syrup provides just that with a few additional immune-boosting herbs.


Blended with our organic elderberries, we thoughtfully added echinacea and eleuthero to our fall syrup in order to help you embrace the coming transitions. Echinacea, or Echinacea purpurea, has been shown to benefit our immune response. Many traditional herbalists and people use echinacea to boost the immune system. Like the elderberries that help bolster our immune system, it is much needed as the cooler weather comes about.


In addition to the echinacea, eleuthero, or Eleutherococcus senticosus, has also been used by herbalists for thousands of years. This plant’s main benefit is how it helps us respond to stress. Mediating our body’s response to stress, this plant helps us stay calm and open to the changes fall brings. Eleuthero is also known to reduce fatigue and boost the immune system. With eleuthero on your side, you will be able to take on any challenge this fall season.


To help you better welcome the transformations of fall, we augment our traditional Pure Elderberry Syrup with extracts of echinacea and eleuthero for a more full-bodied tonic. Our Fall Elderberry Syrup allows you to enjoy the beautiful and natural changes with ease.


Fall and Pure Elderberry Syrup

Both of our Fall and Pure Elderberry Syrups are made by hand in the traditional method that has worked for our ancestors for thousands of years. This traditional mixing ensures maximum potency and benefits when you need it most.

Each syrup can be taken straight from the spoon or can be mixed with your favorite tea, lemonade, or steamed milk for a delicious drink that will warm or cool you perfectly.

At Andi Lynn’s, we are always trying to ensure you are healthy and fortified throughout the year. We created the fall line of elderberry syrup after we saw a special need in our customers for extra fortification during the changing season. Whether you enjoy our Pure Elderberry Syrup or our limited-edition Fall Elderberry Syrup, we hope our syrups help you embrace the season’s changes. Visit our store to find the perfect syrup for the season.


The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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