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Nurturing with Naturopathic Medicine

Lluvia Peveto

Posted on July 26 2018

Nurturing with Naturopathic Medicine

How does one first step into the world of holistic medicine? With all the information existing within the deep, dark portal of the web, how can the all-natural novice take the right steps into their personal health journey?

A mentor, of course!

“In my experience, most people that go into natural health have been exposed to the movement through childhood experiences - or have a friend that has been involved in the natural health movement,” Dr. Kirby Thompson, owner of Mississippi-based Wildflower Wellness, LLC, said.

Our Andi Lynn’s team got to sit down with one of our favorite supporters, the wonderfully-talented Dr. Kirby, whose titles include ND, MSOM, LAc. We first learned about Dr. Kirby through her work with Vitamins Plus (coincidentally the same time she learned about Andi Lynn’s mission and offerings!).

Now an expert voice on Naturopathic Medicine, the ultimate journey on the natural health path took several introductions that led Dr. Kirby to who she is and what she does to this day.

“One of my first memories about natural health was when I was 5 years old. It was summertime, and I couldn’t get up from the table to play until I took all my supplements,” Dr. Kirby laughed.

Dr. Kirby’s father, a general practitioner, believed in the alternative methodology of  orthomolecular (“the fancy name for supplements”) medicine. And he did his best to instill the same beliefs in the young Kirby.

From that point on, people in her life kept proving the benefits of holistic medicine.

A family member person close to Dr. Kirby had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was given six weeks to live - even after treatments and chemotherapy. They turned to natural medicine and then passed away 16 years later for reasons unrelated to the previous cancer diagnosis, after a happy, full, and pain-free life.

At one point, her father began experiencing terrible symptoms - headaches, fever, confusion, and loss of memory. He was diagnosed with encephalitis, which presented negative consequences to his work as a general practitioner.

“They told him they would never practice again. After treating this naturally, he was able to recover and practice medicine again,” Dr. Kirby said.

This natural health knowledge was retained and would later resurface to motivate her to help her become who she is today.

Before she studied as a doctor, the love of nature and science led to her to receive undergraduate degrees from Carson Newman College in Jefferson City, TN in chemistry, biology, and education. She received a Master's degree in science education in 2004 from Piedmont College in Demorest, GA. and worked as a chemistry and biology teacher into her early 30s.

Then, at the age of 34, she decided to change career paths and began studying at a certified Naturopathic medical school. She graduated with her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences in 2012. Dr. Kirby began practicing Naturopathic Medicine in Naperville, IL.

You’d think that changing careers in one’s mid-thirties would have been enough of a challenge - but this didn’t phase Dr. Kirby.

While serving as a naturopathic doctor in Naperville, she felt driven to pursue Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She fell in love with the field while at the University of Health Sciences, so while practicing in the city, she finished her degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at National University of Health Sciences. She became licensed to practice acupuncture and began practicing Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, and Oriental Medicine at Wildflower Wellness, LLC in Hattiesburg, MS.

The Mississippi experience had a rocky start. Their clinic offered functional medicine and they would often introduce patients to what the area considered “alternative treatments”: acupuncture. The team soon found out that Mississippi’s laws required patients to provide a general practitioner’s note to receive acupuncture. Most insurances refused to cover the services, and patients had to pay out of pocket.

“It was really limiting,” Dr. Kirby said.

The team began practicing in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee as a result. The Mississippi laws changed in July 2017, and the team transitioned fully to a full-time practice in Hattiesburg, Mississippi shortly afterwards. Dr. Kirby says that Hattiesburg’s reception to their clinic is incredibly positive now.

“Education is a need, so the city is doing pretty well for acceptance as far as the residents and some of the practitioners. A few are not accepting, but that’s changing. It’s wonderful to see.”

Dr. Kirby’s practice offers diet and nutritional counseling, functional medicine, acupuncture, supplementation, botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, electrodermal screening (Asyra), hydrotherapy, bioenergetics, and detoxification.

With so much to offer, the options can be dizzying to the newcomer. The benefits of the field are real - and are often amazing and life-changing - but Dr. Kirby warns against demanding immediate results. Just as Western medicine can’t offer a “magic pill”, neither can holistic medicine.

“There are many common misconceptions. Some people come to us first and their stories can be heartbreaking. They have symptoms for years and they want one thing - with a single prescription - to make their discomfort and pain go away,” she said.

“If you have a chronic disease, you need to nurse the body and organ systems and figure out where you’re going from there. Part of our medicinal ministry is education,” Dr. Kirby added.

Patients can come in - and do - for everything. Colds, flu, weight loss, “going off the reservation” by eating and drinking too much - and even those without any symptoms, who are looking into increasing their preventative care.

“My father always said, ‘If you listen to what people say long enough, they’ll tell you what’s wrong with them,’” Dr. Kirby said.

Because of the wide range of offerings and clientele, the clinic stocks various products and partners with Vitamins Plus, and a variety of distributors to ensure they are able to provide medications and supplements (both from professional and health store brands) that are truly effective.

The clinic offers a certified, online dispensary services available to all current patients.

Dr. Kirby’s a fan of our Andi Lynn’s products, including PURE Elderberry Syrup, Cough & Calm Syrup, and Louisiana FIRE Raw Apple Cider.

“I take cider shots all the time, especially all winter, at least 3 times a day. They taste so good, I couldn’t stop taking them!”

She personally recommends taking Andi Lynn’s offerings in frequent doses (not large quantities) as a way combat lowered immune health. Dr. Kirby also suggests generally taking the following to aid preventative care: colloidal silver; tonics; and liver detox agents, to name a few.

But medications and supplements aside, Dr. Kirby suggests taking a moment to know your body and practice moderation. Sometimes, all we need to do is engage in the practice of self-kindness through rest, relaxation, and meditation.

“I believe in the power of healing, and there are a lot of other ways than taking something to achieve healing.”

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17015 Kenton Dr.
Suite 203
Cornelius, NC

427 Weathersby Road
Hattiesburg, MS 39402

195 West Statesville Dr.
Mooresville, NC 28115

Dr. Kirby Thompson’s services are available by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, call 601.287.3837 or 704.728.7981.

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  • Erma Thornton: August 31, 2018

    Words can’t express how much I appreciate Dr. Thompson, her knowledge and loving service. I appreciate the way she listens to what you have to say as the patient & doesn’t act like she’s too busy, just ready to move on to the next patient. I am not a fan of prescription drugs with all their bad side effects and am so thankful to have her expertise available to treat my health issues.

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