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Prepping for the Allergy Season

Andrea Leyerle

Posted on April 19 2019

Prepping for the Allergy Season

Have you ever heard that a mild winter means a storm of allergies in the spring? It makes sense that pollen levels would be higher following a mild winter as opposed to a harsh winter because that means spring will begin earlier. There are fewer frosts to keep the blossoms at bay and fewer freezes to keep plants hibernating longer. After the mild winter we had this year, those of us at Andi Lynn’s are gearing up for the allergy season early with SPRING elderberry syrup, and you should too.

herbal allergy support

Why You Need the Jump on Allergy Season

During winter, our immune systems are quite weak, which is one of the reasons why health experts advise against a cleanse during winter. Your body is not strong enough to handle dramatic changes while keeping you in good health during the height of cold and flu season. When winter begins to change into spring, our bodies are still in a weakened state, leaving us susceptible to allergies.

Allergies affect more than 50 million people in America each year. Those who suffer from allergies often experience red and itchy eyes, sneezing, and watery noses. Since we had such a mild winter this year, those allergy symptoms may last longer and be more severe in nature, leaving you in misery for months on end. Begin strengthening your immune system early to help combat the allergy season and the symptoms it brings.

How To Get Ready For Allergy Season

Prepping for allergy season is as easy as lending your immune system a helping hand. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, states that taking relief remedies before pollen season begins is a good way to reduce symptoms throughout the season. Living a healthy lifestyle can also “minimize the effects of allergy symptoms.” After its fight with various diseases during winter, your immune system needs a pick-me-up in order to get back to full strength and defend against allergens.

Living a healthier lifestyle can boost your immune system in preparation for spring. One way is to live healthier by getting plenty of sleep and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Sleep allows your body time to recover while eating healthy replenishes your vitamins and minerals.

At Andi Lynn’s, We Provide Another Way to Support Your Immune System: SPRING Elderberry Syrup. This immune-boosting syrup has the vitamins, minerals, and anthocyanins you need to ease into spring. We also incorporate stinging nettles into our spring syrup, which was traditionally used to treat allergy symptoms and inflammation. Studies have shown that stinging nettle blocks histamine receptors that trigger allergy symptoms. With all these supportive resources, you may find yourself sniffling less this allergy season.

herbal allergy support

How You Know When Spring is Going to Blossom

The earlier you start prepping for allergy season, the better off you’ll be. But when should you start preparing? At Andi Lynn’s, we advise you start strengthening your immune system before everything starts to bloom. Late February and at the latest, early March is a good time. You can also watch the world around you for indications on when spring is on its way. A good plant to look out for is the Nettle because it heralds the coming of spring. Nettle grows early before most other plants to stay above the other vegetation to get its needed sunlight. So, if you start seeing nettle leaf, then you should start boosting your immune system on the double.

With allergy season on its way, boosting your immune system with Andi Lynn’s SPRING syrup is a good way to help reduce symptoms. Order your SPRING syrup today and prepare for the allergy season.

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