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How to Keep Your Family Healthy and Sneak Herbal Remedies Into Their Gummies


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Parents, do you have trouble getting healthy herbs into your kids' mouths? In this class you will learn how to be sneaky and put their herbs into gummy treats. Happy kids, happy mom, healthy family? Yes!

We are making delicious gummies with super clean ingredients. You will learn the exact method of making gummy candy with herbs and how to hide the taste of medicine into their gummies. We will also be learning about how to read labels, what clean ingredients actually are and why you can't get clean gummies off the store shelf. Everyone in the class receives their very own DIY elderberry gummy kit and a bonus gift of 15% off in store purchases the day of the class. Come and learn how to make healthy fun and tasty for your little ones!

A portion of the proceeds from this class will go to Barstool Sports fund who have helped several small restaurants from having to close their doors during the pandemic. Come and learn how great healthy can taste!

There is limited capacity due to COVID Restrictions and all protocols will be meticulously followed.

Learn about your instructor, Andrea Leyerle and Andi Lynn's: https://andilynns.com/pages/about-us

Learn about Barstool Sports Small Business Fund: https://www.barstoolsports.com/the-barstool-fund