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Let’s Talk Thyroid - Why do I feel horrible but my tests are normal with Dr. Keta Patel

Let’s Talk Thyroid - Why do I feel horrible but my tests are normal wi


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We will discuss the current health crisis in our country. Our focus will be on thyroid dysfunction and how it can be mistaken and misdiagnosed as depression, anxiety, or “it’s all in your head” and much more. 

This a 60 minute class with 35 minute lecture and 25 minutes for Q and A. Bring a friend and let's get healthy together!


About Dr Keta:

Dr. Keta Patel is a proud mother, wife, and a speaker.  Her passion is to help the people in her community using her knowledge in functional and lifestyle medicine as well as chiropractic care.  She enjoys working with enthusiastic patients who are looking to improve their health by combining personal responsibility with her clinical expertise.  Her hobbies include cooking, exercising, reading, dancing, and public speaking.  Her favorite pass time is spending time with her husband, Rupal, and two sons, Aarin and Naksh.  She always says, “When I am not working then I am de-stressing by spending time with my family.”


Dr. Keta, just like you, realizes that health is your most valuable asset.  And because of that, she wants to dedicate her time to helping you live a healthy, productive, and thriving life.  As a speaker, her goal is to help her audience realize that to get right answers you must first ask the right questions.  The questions you ask impact every aspect of your life, especially work productivity and family life.  Dr. Keta wants people to recognize that the conventional route to treating chronic illnesses can be detrimental and that more natural ways to take care of those conditions exist without any side effects.


Dr. Keta loves to provide inspiration and hope by educating her patients. She wants to give them a better understanding on how the body works.  Having this knowledge can create a greater impact on your personal health outcome.  By empowering you with the knowledge of how you can be your own doctor, you can improve your health drastically and continue to thrive for a lifetime.


When it comes to health, she knows it is not impossible to change a person’s mindset but can be hard.  Dr. Keta’s primary motivation for pursuing her wellness journey is her mother.  She directly saw the positive impact of functional medicine and lifestyle changes during her mother’s bout with illness.


Although as a functional and lifestyle provider she can treat many conditions, in order to best serve her patients, she has chosen to focus on thyroid & adrenal related conditions.