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Saturday January 26th Taking Charge of Fertility Class with Dr. Lisa Marie Pate

Saturday January 26th Taking Charge of Fertility Class with Dr. Lisa M



Infertility and reproductive health disorders are one of the top concerns for women. These disorders include irregular menses, PCOS, endometriosis, and more. This lecture will teach you all you need to know about enhancing fertility, egg health/quality and  reproductive health! During this lecture you will learn: 
Female Hormones -Everything you ever wanted to know about hormones - the function of each hormone, optimal levels of hormones, when you should test and how to test hormones, how these hormones effect our body, why and when things go wrong (PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, irregular menses). We will also discuss ways to correct all of these issues naturally. 
Female Anatomy - what normal/abnormal/fertile cervical fluid looks like and why this is important, especially for fertility. What a normal menses looks like and how to correct a short luteal phase to enhance fertility and chances of implantation. 
Cycle Charting and Basal Body Temperature Charting - why this is important for everyone - not just those trying to conceive and how to properly chart. 
Current research on therapies for PCOS and ways to enhance fertility for those with PCOS
The Whole Fertility Diet - the best approach to enhance egg quality and fertility through diet. 
Plus more....

The Workshop: Join us Saturday, January 26th at 11:00 A.M. for our Taking Charge of Fertility Class with Dr. Lisa Marie Pate! The class will be held at our new store front location: 9949 B Florida Blvd. Walker, La 70785. Please purchase and sign up before the event as spaces are limited. All attendees will additionally receive 15% off of all Andi Lynn's brand products the day of the workshop!


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