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Naturally Healthy Woman by Shonda Parker

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Shonda Parker offers a unique perspective on the health and well being of women. While she presents several natural remedies, she also honors doctors and encourages readers to seek their guidance when appropriate. Her balanced, God-honoring approach to health has made her one of Christendom’s most respected authorities on natural health.

This book gives women reason to glory in their unique design by our God, and teaches them to see each stage of life as part of their special purpose and creation.

She discusses nutritional and lifestyle choices that affect women from puberty, through the childbearing years, and as they age. Women need to prepare for menopause and the common problems associated with their aging, including osteoporosis and hormonal fluctuations, by building nutritionally and spiritually strong bodies. This book also deals frankly with problems, normal and abnormal changes in women’s bodies through different stages in life, and how to cope using herbal medicines and supplements, and traditional medical procedures.