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Andi Lynn's Organic Harvestberry Syrup, 4oz


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The delicious blend of not one, but two Echinacea varieties is timely for the fall. As an herb traditionally harvested during the autumn period, it brings the taste of the season right into your spoon. Our thoughtful use of Echinacea and Eleuthero combined with our Organic Elderberry Formulation, helps to ensure a smooth transition form the excitement of summer to the busyness of fall.

Servings per container: 23 (10 mL)

Ingredients: Black Elderberries (Sumbucus nigra), Echinacea (Augustofolia root and purpurea leaf), Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus)  Filtered Water, and locally sourced, Fresh Honey, citric acid

No chemical preservatives

Organic, gluten-free

Andi Lynn’s Elderberry Syrup is delicious mixed into iced tea or lemonade, or taken straight off the spoon. In the warmer months, you can add some salt, lemon juice, and honey with your serving of Andi Lynn’s Elderberry Syrup and pour over ice for a delicious electrolyte replacement. In the colder months, it's delicious stirred into hot tea or steamed milk. Make sure you drink up, it's good for you!