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Andi Lynn's Littleberry Syrup Kid's Immune Formula

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Since 2011, you’ve trusted our herbal remedies solutions to better the health and wellness of your family. Andi Lynn’s LittleBerry is here to protect your little ones from common attacks to the immune system with fast and effective herbal ingredients plus added Vitamin C and Zinc. At the knowledge of exposure, or at the first sign of immune weakness, serve LittleBerry. Kids can play confidently in every season with the right herbal solution from Andi Lynn's.

Aronia Berry: Contains 3 times more of the antioxidant anthocyanin than elderberries

Elderberry: Actively shields cells from attacks to defend the body’s systems and promote faster recovery from symptoms

Raspberry: Allows beneficial bacteria in the gut to flourish, which is linked to strong immunity and improved mood.

Blueberry: Promotes mental focus and memory, aids in stress tolerance and increases endurance to let kids get the most out of their playdates

Echinacea Root: Used for centuries as an herbal supplement to support lung health and optimize immune function.

Ginger Root: Take the pressure off by soothing and quieting queasy or upset stomachs.

Propolis Resin: High in bioavailable polyphenols and minerals, binds and incapacitated immune system threats.