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Andi Lynn's Melissa Lemon Balm Drops, 1oz


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Andi Lynn's Lemon balm is a perennial herb from the mint family. The leaves, which have a mild lemon aroma, are extracted and preserved using the traditional hand crafted approach to herbal preparations. Lemon balm is used alone or as part of various multi-herb combination products.

Why Andi Lynn’s?

  • No chemical preservatives, no harmful additives.
  • Traditional recipe hand crafted in small batches.
  • Unique formulas formulated to provide safe and effective outcomes.
  • Herbal approach based on a blend of historical use and scientific research.
  • Dedicated to the time honored craft of preserving culinary and medicinal herbs.

Andi Lynn's Lemon balm, also known as Melissa, is one of the easiest plants to grow. Since it is a member of the mint family, we recommend planting it in containers, as it will flourish and possibly take over other plants. .

Who is this product for?

Lemon Balm, also known as Melissa, has traditionally been used by herbalists to provide support to individuals dealing with sleep issues, anxiety, tension, restlessness and irritability. It also has uses to provide support for gastrointestinal issues such as indigestion, gas and cramping.

This herb is also perfect to have on hand as a single tincture for mild sleep support. This is another great addition to a family medicine chest, including those with small children. Mix into water or tea and drink. Use 1 dropperful 1- 6 times daily as needed.

Melissa Lemon Balm Helps with:

  • Mental Clarity
  • Concentration
  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep Disorders