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Become a Brand Advocate

Apply to become an Instagram Brand Advocate for Andi Lynn's

We are currently looking to partner with some of our biggest Andi Lynn's fans for a brand advocacy opportunity. These fans would ideally be current or aspiring clients who are excited to share their experience of Andi Lynn's with others, and who have a personal mission to help empower their own inner circle to find wellness through natural and trusted alternatives. 


We are excited to offer some of our greatest supporters the opportunity to continue supporting our brand without necessarily needing the financial resources to continue using our products.


Brand advocates get to enjoy the perks of our Andi Lynn's products and the opportunity to connect with others who have similar interests. 


The Advocate Agreement:

-Earn store credit

-Advocate term lasts 30 days.

-1-3 Instagram posts a week for length of term

-Instagram page must be public

-No vulgar posts or language on your social media accounts

-Must agree and adhere to all Non-Disclosure Agreements

-Must agree and adhere to all Non-Compete Clauses