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Andi Lynn’s Black Elderberry Allergy Relief Drops is perfect for the entire family, providing sinus and respiratory relief in every dose. Inhale drops make the perfect addition to the family medicine cabinet!


This unique formula is made with organic black elderberry, organic stinging nettle leaf, organic sweet orange peel, and organic anise seed. This product is safe for infants and kids, suitable for vegans, and really can be the saving grace when you are on the go as the seasons change from winter to spring.

Health Benefits of Sinus Relief Drops:

  • Clear eyes, Lungs, chest, nose, and sinuses
  • Appropriate for Infants and Children
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Honey and Alcohol Free
  • Small Batch Production
  • Maintain Sinus Health

Our Spring Blend Elderberry Syrup contains all the goodness of elderberries and local honey along with these same herbs for a healthy, delicious way to fight allergies!

Why Andi Lynn’s?

  • No preservatives, artificial ingredients or fillers.
  • Traditional recipes with a handmade approach and a local twist.
  • Unique formulas formulated to provide safe and effective outcomes.
  • Herbal approach based on a blend of tradition and scientific research.
  • Dedicated to the craft of preserving culinary and medicinal herbs.

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Weight 5 oz
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5 reviews for Andi Lynn’s Inhale Sinus & Respiratory Drops, 2oz

  1. Shelia S.

    My Grandson and Grandaughter has been on these drop since May 2020. They are 3 yrs old and 9 months old. They never have running nose or cold symptoms, no matter what season comes in. The baby started taking the drops at the age of 2 months. As a matter of fact, he looks forward to taking his drops. Also my whole family takes these drops. I use to have sinus problems real bad but I don’t any more. Now my son move back to Louisiana from Colorado and he’s now using them. These drops has made such a difference especially when it’s allergies season in our family. Thank You so much especially making the drop kid friendly

  2. Darla G.

    This has worked wonders for me! I highly recommend this product.

  3. LaMonica T.

    Inhale really helps with sinus issues!

  4. Jamie L.

    This is my second purchase of Inhale and won’t be my last! As someone who struggles with asthma, even in my 30’s, I have been exploring new ways to improve my respiratory health. This is it! I have seen so much improvement in my breathing and even sleep better at night. Good taste, too! Thank you AndiLynn’s!

  5. Kris

    This is my favorite product that Andi Lynn’s has. I use it very often.

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