Elderberry DIY Gummy Kit With Mold Subscription

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Have you read the ingredients in elderberry gummies off the shelf at your local store? They're loaded with artificial flavors, preservatives, chemicals, and worst of all - sugar. We need to do better for our kids.

Introducing Andi Lynn's Elderberry Gummy Kit. Each DIY kit makes 90 gummies. If you can make sweet tea, you can make these gummies, promise - and your kids will think they're candy! You can even drop some other (not so tasty) herbal tinctures into the liquid (like our Melissa Drops), and the kids will never know. We can't wait for you to try them and make them with your kids! Included in the kit: - 4 oz Andi Lynn's Organic Pure Elderberry Syrup - 2 Packets beef gelatin - 1 Gummy tray - 1 Dropper - 1 Recipe Card Keep refrigerated; these are preservative free. 😘 https://youtu.be/GupeJPyEpoI

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