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Andi Lynn's Bronchia Calm Syrup

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Andi Lynn’s Bronchia Calm is a gentle and effective herbal solution to relieve coughing. Kid-friendly taste and improved potency formula.

Who is this product for? 

The target consumer For Bronchia-Calm, is families in need- coughs that are hot, spasmic, or painful can be eased with this formula. Our herbal combination provides relaxation and rest so you can sleep through the night without coughing fits. Other brands use some very powerful adaptogens that cannot be used during pregnancy.  Ours is simple and gentle, and while not recommended for long term use during pregnancy it is safe for short term use.

Benefits of Cold Infusion of Wild Cherry Bark:

  • The Coughers: can barely speak a sentence without a coughing fit
  • The Painful Sleepers: need sleep, must sleep, can’t sleep
  • The Lingering Barker: can’t seem to get past that cough
  • The Compromised: could be a compromised family at this point

Other brands use licorice which is contraindicated for blood pressure issues, and some brands include essential oils for flavoring. But we feel that essential oils can create a flavor profile that is not appreciated by all, so we only use honey and the herbs themselves to provide a pleasant flavor profile.

Our improved potency formula is made with Ethically Harvested Wild Cherry Bark & Mullein Leaf, Organic Catnip Herb, Vegetable Glycerin, Deionized Water, and honey. Delicious by itself, this can be used as a base to drop other tinctures in or blend with FIRE to ease symptoms of chest congestion.

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