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Andi Lynn's Blossom/Elderflower Drops, 1oz


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Andi Lynn’s Elderflowers are more potent than the berry and have been shown to be anti-viral so this is extra strength immune support. The herb’s properties are both cooling and drying.

Who is this product for? 

Elderflower Drops can be used for situations where you may be exposed to germs but you do not have time to be sick. It’s a powerful upper respiratory and sinus relieving herb, clears trapped heat and helps to relieve fever symptoms. Give the immune system extra tools to respond to that exposure right away. Its travel size comes in handy so consumers can pack in a purse or on an airplane. It is safe for the entire family.

 Blossom Elderflower supports:

  • Healthy immune response
  • Fast-acting sinus relief
  • Clear respiratory tract
  • Relieve sinus pressure
  • Ease fever symptoms

Why Andi Lynn’s?

  • This unique formula contains herbs traditionally known to relieve chest coughing and nasal drip coughing
  • Elderflowers Provide Higher Potencies vs Berries.
  • No chemical preservatives, no artificial preservatives.
  • Traditional recipes with a handmade approach and a local twist.
  • Unique formulas formulated to provide safe and effective outcomes.
  • Herbal approach based on a blend of tradition and scientific research.

Try our Pure Elderberry drops in 2fl.oz that can be put in your purse or diaper bag for your convenience.