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Saturday April 6th 10:30am Essential Oils Strategies for Managing PTSD with Rehne Burge, CA, NAHA

Saturday April 6th 10:30am Essential Oils Strategies for Managing PTSD


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Learn from CA, Rehne Burge, Essential Oils Strategies to manage and overcome symptoms of PTSD.

·         PTSD: Who It Effects  

·         Ways we may relive our trauma

·         Possible symptoms and/or side effects

·         Life interruptions

·         How to Combat PTSD

·         Essential Oils Therapeutic Actions

·         Emotional Support of Essential Oils

·         Blending Time

GC/MS tested oils will be provided to make a PTSD blend. 2 ml glass bottles, pipettes, and inhalers will be provided. This blend is safe for children as young as 2 years old. 

About Rehne:

Certified Aromatherapist, Medical Auditor, Instructor/Educator.
Professional member/Central Director for Louisiana for the NAHA and Professional member of AIA. Continued education with Robert Tisserand’s Essential Oil Masterclass, Dr. Joy Bowles Essential Oil Fundamental Chemistry course, and currently Chemistry with Dr. Tim Miller. I’ve also enjoyed the webinars through AIA and NAHA as part of being a member.

In my former career, I served on the board of the Advisory Committee for Medicare which involved intense research. These same research habits have followed into this career. As part of my teaching curriculum, I taught anatomy and physiology which gave me an insight into the connection between the body and essential oils.

I’ve written for two magazines, the eBook site (recently ended company) The Biblical Herbal and continue enjoy writing for Healthy Living magazine, a publication of Nature’s Warehouse. I was honored to speak during The Online Summit with Elizabeth Ashley Starns and 50 other amazing speakers.
I presently write for Organic Daily Facts. My passion is working with those in need whose financial concerns limit their holistic options that could resolve simple health issues.

I’m presently collaborating with Courtenay Nold, a Vet with PTSD currently completing her book on PTSD. PTSD, once known as shell shock or battle fatigue, was once that to only relate to war but now we know that it is trauma, on many scales, that can create PTSD.
Be passionate about your journey, whatever it may be.
Warmly and with Kindness-Rehne


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