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Andi Lynn's Winter Elderberry Syrup


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Andi Lynn’s WinterBerry Black Elderberry Syrup is crafted to support the transition into the winter season. Kid-friendly taste and high potency formula. 

Benefits of Winter Berry Black Elderberry Herbal Syrup:

  • Cold Hands Warm Heart: warming circulatory support with true Ceylon Cinnamon
  • The Sniffles: immunomodulating and energizing symptom relief
  • The Compromised: does your immune system need a boost?


Who is this product for?

Winterberry Black Elderberry Syrup begins with handpicked berries. A Small Batch, immune active formula is expertly crafted and provides therapeutic doses of certified organic herbs and honey in every spoonful. We add high potency organic ginger and true cinnamon to our PURE Elderberry Syrup, providing warming, circulatory, and immune support during the dark cold days of winter.

Andi Lynn’s Elderberry Syrup is delicious mixed into hot tea or steamed milk, or taken straight off the spoon. Make sure you drink up, it's good for you!

We also have other seasonal blends such as Spring, Harvest Berry, and Winter Berry.

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