12 Fun and Tasty Ways to Enjoy Your Elderberry Syrup

People always ask us how should I take my elderberry? You can take it on its own or mix it into whatever you like! Here are some ways you can use your elderberry syrup that will make your body and your tastebuds happy.

1. Straight off the spoon

Taste so good you’ll want to drink it out the bottle! Pour onto a spoon or into a shot glass and drink.








2. Elderberry in your hot tea

Hot tea is good for the soul (according to us) elderberry syrup makes it just that much better!⁠








3. Elderberry Lemonade

The flavor of Elderberry and Lemon is a winning combo. Here is the official Andi Lynn’s Elderberry Lemonade recipe: ⁠

64oz Organic Lemonade⁠

64oz Lime Spritzer⁠

1 Cup of Andi Lynn’s Pure Elderberry Syrup ⁠

Pour over ice and add lemon slices! ⁠




4. Elderberry Gummies

Make elderberry gummies at home with the satisfaction of knowing they’re made with simple, high-quality ingredients. ⁠

Here is what you’ll need:⁠

1C Andi Lynn’s Winter Elderberry Syrup⁠

1/2C Hot Water⁠

1/4C Gelatin Powder⁠

1T Coconut oil (for greasing 9×9 square pan⁠

Click here for the full recipe.


5. Elderberry + Peanutbutter ⁠

Mix together your elderberry syrup and peanut butter ⁠then spread it on bread for a tasty twist on PB&J. Elderberry has a sweet and tangy taste that perfectly complements rich and creamy peanut butter. Get the satisfaction of jelly but with less sugar and immune-boosting elderberry!⁠







6. Elderberry + Sparkling Water

Pick your favorite sparkling water, add elderberry syrup to taste. You’ll have yourself a refreshing bubbly drink that’s actually good for you! Simple and delicious.








7. Elderberry Champagne

⁠For your next special occasion try adding some elderberry syrup to champange and drop in some frozen berries. This beautiful and tasty cocktail will not disappoint.







8. Elderberry + Yogurt

Add elderberry syrup to your favorite yogurt for a snack that will support a healthy gut and immune system. ⁠








9. Elderberry Smoothie Booster.

Add elderberry syrup to your smoothie for a little extra sweetness and a boost of nutrition. Elderberry syrup is packed with vitamins, minerals, and anthocyanins making it the perfect complement to a healthy smoothie.







10. Elderberry Popsicles⁠

Make healthy popsicles that kids and adults will love by adding in some elderberry! Here is the Andi Lynn’s official recipe for ⁠Elder-Very-Berry-Sicles!⁠

1/2 Cup Blueberries⁠

1/2 Cup Blackberries⁠

1/2 Cup Raspberries⁠

1/2 Cherries (halved and pitted)⁠

1-1/2 Cup Full Fat Coconut milk or Coconut Cream⁠

1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract⁠

1/2 Cup of Pure Elderberry Syrup⁠

Place ingredients into a food processor until you reach your desired texture. Chunky or smooth it’s up to you! Pour into popsicle molds with sticks and freeze. Enjoy!⁠


⁠11. Elderberry Iced Tea⁠

Kick your iced tea up a notch by adding in some elderberry syrup. You’ll get a beautiful purple drink that is as healthy as it is tasty. ⁠








12. Elderberry + FIRE⁠

Mix two Andi Lynn’s classics together for a spicy-sweet nutritional boost! Get your immune support and digestive support shot all in one.⁠