Berry Rewards

We want to thank you for making our products part of your and your family’s everyday life. To reward you for your loyalty, become a Berry Rewards member and get even more value from your favorite products.

Which types of purchases are reward points earned on?
All purchases over $50, except for recurring subscription purchases. Points are not applied to shipping or tax.
How are rewards points calculated?
$1 spent = 3 Berries (Points)
Can I use rewards points on products already discounted?
No. Discounts do not apply toward purchases made using rewards points.
My points didn’t apply to my account, even though my purchase was higher than $50. What do I do?
Call us at 888-861-9380 or email us at We’ll see what we can do to fix this error.
I placed an order over the phone. Can my points be applied to my online account?
Yes! We kindly ask that you remind us when placing your order. If you don’t see the points applied to your account before the end of the next business day, call us back at 888-861-9380 or email us at
How do I deactivate my rewards program account?
You can deactivate your rewards account by clicking here (insert the link, whatever it is) and following the on-screen instructions.
Where can I view my rewards points total?

Visit the rewards page on your account here: My Account

I returned an item. Do I still keep the points for it?
No. Your previously earned points will also be returned.