There Are Wonderful Benefits to Using Local, Raw Honey

Raw honey is one of nature’s sweetest gifts because it is both delicious and healthy. There are many benefits to raw honey as it can soothe a sore throat, support your body’s natural defenses, and be a healthier alternative to processed additives. While raw honey does provide more benefits than pasteurized honey, we find that raw honey made locally is even better and should be the number one choice. Our honey-based syrups are made with local, raw honey from Southern Louisiana where we create our delicious, organic products.

What makes local honey the best option? We not only believe that it is good to support the local community, but using ingredients grown or produced from our area is what makes our hand-crafted syrups taste extra delicious and natural. When you choose raw honey, you get to keep all the natural elements that makes honey naturally powerful. As a bonus, when you buy raw honey made close to home, you can expect some extra sweet benefits.

Consuming Local, Raw Honey Gives You All the Healthy Benefits Natural Honey Can Provide

Organic components found in raw honey such as bee pollen and bee propolis are known to be used as natural immune boosters, which is what makes honey healthier for you than regular sugar. However, these healthy additives are filtered out of pasteurized, commercial honey, making it not as healthy. In fact, Vaughn Bryant, a bee pollen researcher and professor at Texas A&M University, found that the majority of the honey sold in drug stores and grocery stores had no traces of pollen.

These natural elements found only in raw honey help you get the nutritional benefits that you need to stay healthy. So in other words, the pasteurized honey that you can buy in major grocery chains does not provide you the natural benefits that honey is believed to have. That is the difference in what local, raw honey can do for your health as opposed to commercial honey.





You Know the Honey You’re Getting Is Fresh
One of our philosophies at Andi Lynn’s is providing people with the freshest products without the use of preservatives or synthetic ingredients. Natural resources that help support a healthier wellbeing are most effective when they are fresh and organic. When your raw honey comes from a local beekeeper or bee farm, you can feel more confident that you are getting the freshest honey on the market. This means there are as little additives as possible, which is much more beneficial to your health.

It’s Always Good to Support the Local Community
We find that using locally-made, organic products is not only the best way to get all the nutrients that nature intended but also a good opportunity to support someone within your community at the same. As a local business that organically grew through community support, there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping local, organic businesses flourish in return.

If you have never tried locally-made, raw honey before, be sure to explore the farmer’s market in your town or a find a local beekeeper. We’re sure you’ll come to love local, raw honey as much as we do!





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