Learning about the best herbal wellness options for yourself and your family can be confusing. You may ask: Which products will be best for me? What do different herbs do to boost my health?

Recently, we’ve received questions about the difference between elderberry syrup and elderberry capsules. We offer both options in our store – PURE Organic Elderberry Syrup and EveryBerry Capsules. While EveryBerry contains more berries than just elderberry, it’s important to understand the differences between the products and how each can benefit you and your family.

Read on to learn the difference between capsules and syrups!


All About Herbal Syrups

Herbal syrups such as our PURE Organic Elderberry Syrup are created by combining dried elderberries with water, honey, and spices. If you’re making your own syrup, adding vodka or brandy to it will increase the shelf life. Our elderberry syrup is alcohol free; we instead prefer to use organic raw honey as a natural preservative.

Herbal syrup provides the concentrated juice of berries and herbs. Syrups are digested faster than capsules, as digestion begins in the membranes of the mouth. While our elderberry syrup is taste-tested and approved by our own families, some may be sensitive to the taste of elderberry. However, the slight sweetness provided by honey counteracts any tartness in the elderberry syrup.

Our PURE Organic Elderberry Syrup is 100% certified organic by the USDA, and is made with three simple ingredients: handpicked organic sambucus nigra elderberries, raw organic honey, and filtered water. This effective formula provides therapeutic doses of certified organic herbs and honey in every spoonful. Our formula is powerful and concentrated – there are nearly 250 berries in every tablespoon of syrup!

All About Herbal Capsules

In contrast to herbal syrups, herbal capsules such as our EveryBerry capsules are made by dehydrating berries and herbs, then grinding them into a fine powder. This powder is then added into the edible capsules. We use vegetable cellulose capsules for EveryBerry, but you could also use beef gelatin capsules.

Capsules are convenient, easy to consume, and deliver all the benefits of specific herbs in a concentrated manner. However, capsules do take a bit longer to digest (around 20-30 minutes). For those more sensitive to certain tastes and smells, herbal capsules allow you to easily consume all the needed vitamins and minerals.

EveryBerry capsules contain 12 organic berries, with three bowls full of berries in every serving. Berries like elderberry, acerola cherry, cranberry and black currants contain antioxidants and vitamin C that boost your immune system to keep you feeling your best. Aronia berries, tart and sweet cherry, and wild and domestic blueberries contain nutrients that promote heart and vascular system health to help you make the most of your workout. Bilberry, amla berries, and blackberry are known to aid cognitive performance and provide the body with energy.

We know that trying to decide between elderberry capsules vs. elderberry syrup can be confusing. As your local Baton Rouge herbalist, Andi Lynn’s is proud to answer any questions you have regarding herbs, natural living, and how to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. We make it easy for your to choose which delivery method of supplement fits your lifestyle by offering both capsules and syrups. It’s easy to make herbs and superfruits a part of your daily life when you use Andi Lynn’s as the solution to your wellness needs! You can check out EveryBerry Botanical Superfruits for Whole-Body Wellness here, and our best-selling PURE Organic Elderberry syrup here.

Have a healthy and happy day, y’all!