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Is elderberry syrup safe to drink during pregnancy?

Yes, absolutely. All the ingredients we use in our Elderberry Syrups are perfectly safe for pregnancy, nursing, and children. There are local nurse midwives and physicians who recommend my products for their patients. You can always check with your health care provider before starting a new routine.

What is the recommended serving size for children?

There are two rules we generally go by when determining how much of an herbal preparation to serve to our children:

Young’s Rule – Add 12 to the child’s age. Divide the child’s age by this total. Example serving for a 4 year old: Add 12+4 = 16. Divide 16/4 = .25, or 1/4 of the adult serving.

Cowling's Rule - Divide the number of the child's next birthday by 24. Example: serving for a child who is 3, turning 4 would be: 4 divided by 24 = .16, or 1/6 of the adult serving.

Can I give your products to infants?

The APP does not recommend that children have honey based foods until they reach 2 years of age. The glycerin based drops are fine for children to use.

What about Cough and Calm for Pregnancy and for kids?

The AAP does not recommend acting against a cough in children ages 2-6. That said, they recommend Honey in warm water with some lemon and said a spoonful of honey has the same result as OTC Cough Medicine to soothe and suppress a cough. You can always talk to your Dr before starting any new herb based product.

As an herbalist, I recommend a few tricks for little ones with a cough. A steam shower with a drop or two of Pine EO on a sponge on the shower floor will thin mucus and allow for productive coughing. A Nose Freida is an excellent little tool to extract mucus from little babies noses! You can find it here

A Garlic Plaster or an onion plaster is a traditional herbal remedy for chest congestion. You can learn more about these from John Gallagher of Learning Herbs, and Debi Pearl from No Greater Joy Ministries.

How long is the syrup good for after I have opened it?

Look for the date stamp on the outside label of the bottle or a white sticker with a date. This is the best by date. Because there are no chemical preservatives added, we cannot recommend consumption after the best by date. You can freeze the syrup to extend shelf life for personal use. That’s your call!

I forgot to put my syrup in the refrigerator for a couple days.  Is it still good?

Because there are no chemical preservatives added to extend shelf life, we cannot guarantee the syrup will last till the best by date unless it has been refrigerated. Room temp will greatly reduce shelf life. Learn more about safe food handling and storage here

How often can I take the elderberry syrup?

You can use the syrup once or twice daily and intensive use is 6 times daily.

How often can I drink the Fire Cider?

Fire cider recommended serving is 1-3 times/day.

What variety of elderberry do you use in your syrups?

Andi Lynn's formula is made with an Organic pharmaceutical grade Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) juice with 454 mg of Elder active per serving.

Are your products gluten free? Organic? Non-GMO?

Our Syrups, Tonics, and Teas are processed in a facility that also processes nuts, wheat, and dairy. We do not use any gluten or GMO’s in ANY of our products. All the herbs in the Syrups, Teas, and Drops are Certified Organic by the USDA. We use locally sourced honey from a family farm in Denham Springs, LA, and locally sourced Raw, Apple Cider Vinegar from a Family Farm in the Midwest. We source our vegetables for the Fire Cider here in Louisiana.

Can I warm up the elderberry syrup?

Yes! You can serve it in hot herbal tea, or steamed coconut or almond milk.

The Fire Cider seems very hot.  Can I mix it in something to counteract the spiciness?

Absolutely! Try some of these serving suggestions.

Mix into water.

Put it in hot tea with some sweetener.

Add to soups, chilies, or marinades.

Use in place of vinegar in salad dressing or condiments.

Drizzle on veggies or greens.

Splash some in tomato juice, pineapple juice, or salt the rim of your glass.

Where can I buy Andi Lynn’s products locally?

Please see our retail locations here. Check back often as new stores are regularly joining the Andi Lynn’s family!

When are the seasonal blends available?

Typically, Fall blend is available September through November, Winter blend is available December through February, and Spring blend is available March through May.  However, we don’t have hard and fast dates for the release and discontinuation of each blend. Keep watch and be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for updates and new releases.

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