Andi Lynn’s Organic Springberry Syrup 4oz


Springberry Black Elderberry Syrup begins with handpicked berries. A Small Batch, expertly crafted formula delivers therapeutic doses of organic herbs and honey in every spoonful. We add high potency Organic Nettles and anise to our PURE Elderberry Syrup providing upper respiratory support as trees, grasses, and flowers awaken and bloom. Springberry blend provides a foundation for healthy mucus membrane pathways and sinuses as the seasons change from winter to spring. Who is this product for? Our SpringBerry Black Elderberry Syrup is formulated to provide upper respiratory support as trees, grasses and flowers awaken and bloom. Our unique formula provides a foundation for healthy mucous membrane pathways and sinuses. If you want to stop and sniff the flowers without symptoms, this product is for you. The ingredients in this formula have been shown to provide nutritive support and relief for seasonal allergies. We chose stinging nettle, anise, and the unique citrus elements to help us move from dark days of winter to the bright green of spring. Who Needs This? The Sneezers: Bring on the flowers, you want to stop and smell them The Wheezers: Pollen vs clear breathing The Winter Coat Off: Cabin fever…the struggle is real The Need Energy Type: Time to get a move on Our Inhale drops have the same allergy-fighting herbs in a convenient 2-ounce size that fits in a purse, gym bag, or diaper bag; it's safe for vacation and traveling on an airplane.

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7 reviews for Andi Lynn’s Organic Springberry Syrup 4oz

  1. Anonymous

    I have had horrible spring and fall allergies my whole life. Even with my meds, there comes a time in the pollen season—they don’t work. I started using this just before the season and had some everyday. I can honestly say—I did not have one bad allergy day this spring. That is a first in more than 50 yrs! A-MAZ-ING! And thank you Andi Lynn!

  2. Claire M.

    Andi Lynn’s Spring Elderberry Syrup sure helped me get through all the pollen in south Louisiana.

  3. Anonymous

    With my last order with Andi Lynn’s a bottle arrived broken. I sent them an email and within 2 days had a replacement. Great products. Great service.


    Everyone around me this spring had respiratory issues, runny noses and now the flu. I have been protected by the Spring Elderberry syrup and have been giving away bottle to friends. Just yesterday I had a meeting with someone who told me they had the flu (why were they at work?) I immediately ran home and took a big tablespoon of Elderberry syrup!

  5. Rebecca K.

    We are so pleased with our order! Spring works perfect for us. The bonus: no drowsy side affects! Tastes delicious and it works great. Quick shipping too:m. We’ll be back for more soon!

  6. Anonymous

    My whole family takes Andi Lynn’s elderberry syrup! We’ve been free of colds, viruses and allergies! I’ll never be without it!

  7. Lisa T.

    We love all Andi Lynn’s Elberberry Syrups! Taste great! We add the syrup to our herbal teas. 😊❤️

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