Today, more people than ever are enjoying the benefits of elderberry syrup by taking it as an immune booster and supporter. Recently, a handful of posts have made the rounds on social media pondering the daily use of black elderberry syrup. It’s also something we get asked on a regular basis here at Andi Lynn’s.

The truth is that elderberry syrup from a quality, reputable source can be a daily part of a healthy immune-boosting lifestyle that harnesses the healing power of nature. Elderberry can also be introduced to your daily routine around allergy or cold season or at the first signs of symptoms.

Let’s take a look at some of the science behind this powerhouse natural supplement.

The Power of Antioxidants

European elderberries, or Sambucus nigra, have been used traditionally as medicine for hundreds of years. In Europe, elderberries were used in folk medicine to treat colds and the flu, and people in China have long used elderberries to reduce inflammation for joint and bone diseases. Even right here in the United States of America, Native Americans have used elderberries for various ailments for thousands of years.

Today an increasing body of modern research seems to support this ancient wisdom about elderberries, as multiple studies have confirmed the health benefits of the remedy.

At the heart of the health benefits of elderberries is a powerful antioxidant that many people have never heard of: Quercetin, which is one of the water-soluble plant substances called flavonoids that are found in many fruits and vegetables.

Why is Quercetin so interesting and important?

Because it has unique biological properties that may improve mental/physical performance and reduce infection risk. Studies have found the compound to have anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

According to USDA data, elderberries contain an impressive 27 milligrams of Quercetin per 100 grams, among the highest levels of the compound found in any fruit or vegetable.        

But that’s only part of the story

Elderberry juice also contains a variety of health-supporting polyphenols, most of which are a special type called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are naturally occurring compounds that cause many fruits and vegetables to be red, purple and blue — but their impact goes well beyond appearance. These compounds have also been shown to have powerful antioxidant properties like fighting free radical damage that can lead to aging and a number of diseases.

We all know that a diet that incorporates fruits and vegetables on a daily basis supports better health and well being, and these natural immune-boosting antioxidants are one of the primary reasons. Incorporating a daily dose elderberry syrup into your diet will only serve to boost this impact.




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