Homemade Elderberry Syrup Kit


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Now you can make your very own black elderberry syrup in the comfort of your own home with Andi Lynn's Homemade Black Elderberry Syrup Kit. Add your own 100% Raw Unfiltered Honey and make 1 pint size Mason Jar full of delicious elderberry syrup. We use all organic herbs to create this great tasting elderberry syrup that your whole family will love. Get the kids involved and show them how easy it is to make an immune boosting treat. Ingredients: Black Elderberries, Elderflowers, Ginger, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Lemon. All Organic and Sustainably Sourced. Packaged in a heat-sealed 100% compostable bag. Detailed instructions on the label, the whole process takes about an hour and leaves your house smelling amazing and your family members feeling healthy. This kit includes a sticker label to apply to your finished mason jar. This can be made to keep for yourself or to give to a friend as the perfect homemade get well soon gift. Show your friends and loved ones you care with this homemade delicious syrup.