Andi Lynn’s Winter Elderberry Syrup

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Andi Lynn’s WinterBerry Black Elderberry Syrup is expertly crafted to provide unparalleled support for the body’s transition into the winter season. With a delicious, kid-friendly taste and high-potency formula, WinterBerry Black Elderberry Herbal Syrup is a must-have for families seeking to maintain optimal immune wellness during the colder months.

WinterBerry’s unique blend of spicy Ceylon cinnamon and ginger root helps to warm the body, while sweet elderberry and tangy lemon peel work together to promote immune wellness. Our Pure Elderberry Syrup is enhanced with high-potency organic ginger and ceylon cinnamon, providing the perfect warming immune support during the dark and cold days of winter.

This in-season black elderberry syrup is not only effective, but also delicious mixed into hot tea or taken straight off the spoon. And if you love WinterBerry, you may also be interested in trying our other seasonal blends, such as SpringBerry and HarvestBerry.

Take care of your immune wellness this winter with Andi Lynn’s WinterBerry Black Elderberry Syrup.


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