We know that making the switch to incorporating herbal remedies into your and your family’s diet comes with a lot of questions. At Andi Lynn’s, we’re here to help you on your journey to wellness. By answering some of these popular questions about elderberry syrup, we hope you understand the world of herbalism a bit better, and can make more informed decisions regarding your family’s health.

Which elderberry syrup is best?

Here are some strategies to help you find which syrup is best for you and your family: You want to look for ingredients that have 5 ingredients or less! Andi Lynn’s Elderberry Syrup has only 3 ingredients: honey, water, and elderberry juice. Additionally, look for the highest amount of milligrams of elderberry per serving with the least amount of additives. Watch the video to learn all the strategies for choosing the best supplement for your family.

When should I take elderberry syrup?

The answer to this question: it’s up to you! If you know your immune system is strong and you feel that you don’t need any extra support, at the onset of symptoms or first sign of exposure take small, frequent servings until you feel recovered. If you feel your immune system needs support, you can take the supplement every day. Drink it off a spoon or in a smoothie!

When should I make elderberry syrup?

We feel that this is a bit of a loaded question. Firstly, you can do whatever you want. But we have a simple homemade elderberry syrup kit available through the link that you can make year-round. However, elderberries come in-season during the summer, sometime between June and September. We like to make our remedies with fresh berries, so if you were making it from scratch with hand-picked berries, summertime would be best.

What is elderberry good for?

Elderberry is an immune system modulator. Any time that you feel that your immune system needs to show up to the party and defend against attacks, elderberry is going to be your best friend. If you take frequent small servings at the onset of exposure or symptoms of illness, this supplement will shorten the duration & severity from 6 days to 2 days.

What does elderberry syrup taste like?

Many people say it tastes like prune juice, or pomegranate juice! We think it’s a combination of prune, raisin, and pomegranate. It’s sweet and tangy, and is full of antioxidants.

Can elderberry syrup make you sick?

The answer to this question: probably not, but there are a few exceptions. There are two reasons why elderberry syrup might not be good for your health. 1: If you’re on dialysis, you may experience more strain on your kidneys when you take elderberry syrup due to its diuretic effects. 2: If you’re taking a medication specifically to suppress your immune system, elderberry syrup may not be the best choice for you. Elderberry makes your immune system more active. We believe our herbal remedies offer effective, targeted health solutions to help you be fully present in your seat at the table of life. However, always talk to your doctor before using an herbal supplement – it might have negative effects on your current state of wellness.

How much elderberry syrup should I give my kids?

How much elderberry syrup should I give my kids? As a general rule, kids ages 1-12 should take half the recommended serving size of elderberry syrup, as well as other herbal remedies and syrups. That said, elderberry is not something that will cause harm to your kids. Small, frequent servings throughout the day will effectively boost their immune systems. Our LittleBerry Elderberry Syrup is specifically formulated for kids.

How is elderberry syrup made?

There are a few different methods of making elderberry syrup. At Andi Lynn’s, it’s made with fresh, organic Haschberg elderberry juice that is pressed through a specific method that preserves the whole berry. That fresh juice is then mixed with certified organic honey and water. Honey is a natural preservative, so there’s no need to add anything else. If you’re making elderberry syrup yourself, use dry elderberries, soak them in water, and cook it down. Press it through a cheese cloth and stir it in with raw honey. Keep it refridgerated! We offer a Homemade Elderberry Syrup Kit – click the link to grab yours and be prepared for whatever life throws at you.

Is elderberry syrup good for allergies?

Is elderberry good for allergies? The short answer: YES! A lot of people deal with environmental allergens like air pollution, pet dander, dust, pollen, and mold. Elderberry supports a proper histamine response because it increases the immune system messaging. Your immune system has a specific messenger called a cytokine. It tells the immune system’s T cells and B cells where to go and what to do. Your immune system will be more targeted and effective when you use elderberry syrup on a regular basis. Our SpringBerry syrup is specifically formulated with herbs like nettle leaf, anise seed and elderberry to support a proper histamine response. These ingredients tonify the upper respiratory system and nasal passages. Learn more about how herbs help your sinuses with our Roadmap to Winter Wellness, available through the link.

Can elderberry syrup go bad?

One question we get asked a lot is: can elderberry syrup go bad? The answer: yes! For example, if you’re making your own elderberry syrup with our DIY Kit, the only preservative used will be honey. From the day that you make it, your syrup will last around 60 days. To keep it from going bad quicker, make sure that whatever jar you use is kept clean and sanitized. If you’re struggling to find ways to use your syrup before it goes bad, check out our blog for 12 free and easy recipes for elderberry syrup.

Can elderberry syrup be frozen?

Yes, your supplement can be frozen if you pour it into a plastic bag or other non-glass container first!

Can elderberry syrup cause diarrhea?

The answer to this question: maybe so. Elderberry is a mild diuretic, and it tonifies the digestive system. Too much elderberry syrup may cause loose, frequent bowel movements. We recommend taking a maximum of 6 spoonfuls of Andi Lynn’s Pure Elderberry Syrup per day.

We hope that by answering these commonly asked questions, you feel more secure in your purchase and that know that you’ve made the right choice for your family’s immune health. We’re always available to answer questions through phone at 888-861-9380 or email at retail@andilynns.com. Have a healthy day!